Enhance Your Ride with Essential Bike Carrier Accessories

Holdfast offers a diverse range of bike carrier accessories designed to enhance your cycling experience. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a competitive athlete, our products ensure that transporting your bike is easy, safe, and hassle-free.

Tailored Solutions for Every Cyclist

From securing your bike on the move to increasing its accessibility, Holdfast’s bike carrier accessories are tailored to meet your needs. Explore options like the Flexi Clamp Strap for secure mounting, or the Rear Wheel Bike Stand for stable storage.

High-Quality and Durable Accessories

Trust in the durability and quality of Holdfast accessories, made to withstand the rigours of road and weather. Our range includes the robust Top Runner Straps and the versatile Base Plate Extensions, ensuring your bike is secure no matter where your adventure leads.Convenience and Compatibility

Holdfast accessories are designed for compatibility with a wide range of bike carriers. Whether you need to replace a Boot Carrier Replacement Strap or add a Number Plate Holder for compliance, our products integrate seamlessly with your existing setup.