Bike Carriers

Discover Holdfast’s range of innovative Bike Carriers, designed for the modern adventurer. From towball and rear-mounted to roof-mounted options, our carriers are tailored for every journey. Experience the blend of quality, durability, and convenience with Holdfast, your trusted companion in outdoor sports travel.

Embark on New Adventures with Premier Bike Carriers

Set off on your next escapade with the best in class Bike Carriers from Holdfast. We combine our passion for the great outdoors with the expertise in crafting reliable gear. Our Bike Carriers are innovatively designed to simplify your sports and travel adventures while ensuring utmost safety and convenience.

Pioneering Quality Since the 1980s

Since our inception in the early 1980s, Holdfast has led the way in sports travel gear. Beginning with essential roof and bike racks, we have continually adapted to the dynamic needs of adventure seekers. Our Bike Carriers epitomize this spirit of innovation and our unwavering focus on quality, designed to endure the challenging road conditions of South Africa and beyond.

Tailored for Diverse Adventures

Our Bike Carriers are crafted to suit every kind of adventure, be it a solo expedition, a family trip, or an outing with your sports club. Our expansive range features:

  • Towball Mounted Carriers: Effortlessly mountable and lockable, suitable for vehicles with a tow bar. Learn more about our Towball Towbar Mounted Bike Carriers.
  • Rear Mounted Carriers: Ideal for trail enthusiasts, these carriers are easy to use, lockable, and fit most bike frames. Discover our Rear Mounted Bike Carriers.
  • Roof Mounted Carriers: For those seeking elevated adventures, our roof-mounted options are perfect. Find out more about our Roof Mounted Bike Carriers.

Our products are globally inspired but fine-tuned for local conditions, ensuring they meet your every expectation.

Experience More Than a Product

At Holdfast, our aim is to connect you with nature through sports and adventure. We’re committed to providing equipment that is not just practical but also motivates and supports your adventurous spirit. Each Bike Carrier we craft reflects our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Become a Part of the Holdfast Community

Our Cape Town factory is the birthplace of innovation and skilled craftsmanship. We take pride in our diverse, dedicated team, evidenced by our low staff turnover and positive work culture. By choosing our Bike Carriers, you join a community of like-minded adventurers, united by a shared passion for exploration.